sábado, 10 de diciembre de 2011

I Believe I can fly

Sebastien Montaz-Rosset

I grew up in the French Alps, and have spent most of my life playing and working in the mountains.
Taking photos and filming clients developed my interest in film, and turned my passion for images into a full time obsession.

I haven’t had any formal training in film at all, but am always keen to learn in everything I do.
There are lots of ways to create and film effects, without needing lots of complicated equipment.
I think making a good film is much more about the story you tell, and the connection you make between your subjects and your audience.
Watch. Be inspired.


I believe I can Fly ikusteko sakatu hemen

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Esos Frenchies!

ponfull dijo...

2 link barri jarri dot.
Xavi Fane > Ameriketan bizi dan katalan baten bloga, edur munduko argazki oso polittak. Tele, fondo, patinajia, trabe... baitta MTB.
Timuzapata > Frantziako tipo batzuk pirineuan skiaitten, MTB, eskalada... itten ibiltten dia. Interesantia pirineoko itxabolatan itten dauen afaixak!
Nueva vida al blog!

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